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Rules and Regulations of Thermal Camping

Adherence to the Rules and Regulations of the campsite is a common goal in order to provide peaceful and pleasant stay for the guests of the campsite.

Arrival, check-in

  1. Each and every guest arriving at the Campsite are required to check in individually prior to occupying the accommodation. Please show your photo documents to our staff for registration: this is mandatory under current legislation and cannot be waived.
  2. There is no online check-in available anymore.
  3. In the case of non-EEA nationals (not the citizens of the European Union, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland), the data content required by the legislation (Act II of 2007 and Government Decree 114/2007 (V.24)) must be provided. The Campsite must forward this information to the regional directorate and branch of the Office of Immigration and Asylum.
  4. The plots (for tents, caravans and moblie homes) can be occupied by our guests from 12:00 on the day of arrival.
  5. After checking in, guests will receive a wristband, which they are required to wear during their stay at the Campsite, making it easier to enter the Campsite Area and verify that they are eligible to stay in the Campsite Area. Loss of or damage of the wristband is subject to s surcharge.
  6. Those staying in the Campsite area without a wristband may be called upon by the Campsite staff and members of the security service to provide appropriate proof of the legitimacy of their stay. In case the person without a wristband fails to do so, he/she must leave the Campsite area.
  7. On the day of departure, our plots can be used until 11:00, and our guests can stay in the Campsite area until 20:00 on the day of departure and use the services available there.
  8. The fee for the services ordered (including the accommodation fee and the tourist tax) must be paid upon arrival, and the fee for the services to be used on site must be settled in advance as well.
  9. Before leaving the Campsite permanently, our guests must check out at the Reception!
  10. The location of the camping equipment and the location of the guests’ vehicle will be determined by the Campsite Reception Service, depending on the bookings and the available camping units.
  11. Camping in a tent is only allowed in the designated area. The location of the tent or the plot used can be changed upon the approval of the reception service.
  12. In the event of unauthorized camping or the unauthorized use of additional plots, the security service or the campsite reception service is entitled to ask the guest to occupy the designated place. If the guest concerned does not comply with this upon the first request, the Campsite is entitled to expel him/her from the area or to charge the guest for the extra usage pursuant to the current Price List.

Motor vehicles

  1. Guests arriving by vehicles can drive into the Campsite area after pre-registration at the Reception, and after settling their payments due. The registered vehicle can stay in the Campsite area until 20:00 on the day of departure, which does not exempt the guest concerned from moving out of the accommodation. We would like to draw the attention of our dear guests hereby to the fact that if they leave the Campsite later than the time specified above, they will have to pay the amount of the daily ticket pursuant to the current price list! If the vehicle leaves the Campsite area on another calendar day, we will be forced to charge the current fee of a pitch.
  2. We kindly ask our guests to park their cars only in their own plot or in the designated parking lots next to the houses! The rules of the TRAFFIC apply in the Campsite area: it is FORBIDDEN to drink and drive; the maximum speed permitted is 5 km/h.
  3. If an additional plot of land is used for parking purposes without authorization, the current daily basic fee of the occupied plot shall be paid as a surcharge.

Important information

  1. The Reception is open from 07:30 am to 19.30 from the opening of the Campsite until its closing (usually from mid-April to the end of September). The keepers lodge is working in the term between.
  2. The gate is closed between 23:00 in the evening and 06:00 in the morning, during which time driving is only possible in particularly justified cases.
  3. The “siesta” in the afternoon runs from 13:00 to 15:00 and the night rest from 23:00 to 06:00. During these periods, please do not make loud noise in order not to disturb the rest of the guests.
  4. The management of the Campsite is entitled to expel those violating the night’s rest rules, as well as those making trouble or causing damage from the Campsite area after a single warning.
  5. In case of expulsion from the Campsite, no fees already paid will be refunded.
  6. Relatives and acquaintances arriving at the Campsite must purchase a visitor’s ticket (the current amount is specified by the current Price List of the Campsite), which gives the opportunity to use the services of the Campsite until 20:00 at the latest. Guests visiting the Campsite can only park in the designated parking space for a parking fee.
  7. Our campsite hosts events as well. We always inform our guests about these on the information board at the reception. Depending on this, the time of the quiet period may change in these cases, or there may be different, stronger sound effects (e.g. music)! We appreciate your understanding.

Guests under 18 years of age

  1. Persons under the age of 18 may only stay in the Campsite under adult supervision. In the case of a group stay, the accompanying teachers and adult group leaders are responsible for the minors.
  2. Minors over 16 can check in the Campsite independently with written parental permission.
  3. The Campsite is not responsible for minors booking and arriving online without specifying the age!
  4. Playground equipment can be used up to 50 kg of bodyweight or up to 14 years of age.

Pets in the campsite

  1. Only gentle, not fearsome pets are allowed into the Campsite. Bringing in pets is subjected to an extra fee.
  2. Fees for pets are included in the current price list of the Camping.
  3. Please bring your pet’s vaccination booklet with you, as it must be presented upon request!
  4. It is mandatory to use a leash for your pet!
  5. Pets are NOT allowed in watered community rooms, as well as at playgrounds!
  6. Owners of animals are obliged to keep their pets tidy!
  7. Our four-legged guests can stay in the plots and tent sites for an additional fee.
  8. It is forbidden to leave the animal without supervision in the Camping area, even on a leash.

Maintenance / equipment / damages

  1. The staff of the Reception can ask You to pay a caution (deposit) of maximum 15.000,- HUF per booking. If no damages were caused, we refund the whole deposit within the check-out. If the amount of the caused damages higher, than the sum of the deposit, the remainder will be charged.
  2. It is FORBIDDEN to damage the accommodation, furnishings and equipment in the Campsite area! Intentional damage or theft of equipment will in all cases result in on-site compensation and/or reporting to the police and expulsion from the Campsite. If the person causing damage is not identifiable, the person on the bill (who made the reservation) is liable for the damages. If the caused damages will be known after the check-out, it will be charged for the person on the bill (who made the reservation).
  3. The cost of damages should be paid in any occasion.
  4. Any arbitrary technical intervention in the items of the Campsite is strictly forbidden. The Campsite does not take responsibility for the results of such actions. In case of any technical problems, please indicate it at the Reception! Our staff will be there to help you as soon as possible.
  5. Please make sure that equipment is used only within the Campsite area and must not be taken out of the Campsite, even on a temporary basis.
  6. In case of outdoor using the items of the Campsite, please take that tools back to the Reception after use, no later than check-out. Compensation is payable for missing fixtures and equipment.
  7. Guests can use their electrical and communal appliances and equipment. All equipment and facilities must be used by guests in accordance with their intended use. The Campsite shall not take any liability for any injury or damage resulting from unintended use, the damage must be compensated by the person causing the damage. If the person causing damage is not identifiable, the person on the bill (who made the reservation) is liable for the damages.
  8. The use of electrical appliances (stove, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc.) not complying with the standards is prohibited. The Campsite shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the use of improper or non-standard equipment, the damage must be compensated by the person causing the damage. If the person causing damage is not identifiable, the person on the bill (who made the reservation) is liable for the damages.


  1. For security reasons, please use only that territory of the Campsite, which are marked ont he Campsite Map!
  2. Making a fire and cooking in a cauldron is allowed only at the place designated for it, in compliance with the fire-safety regulations and with the prior permission of the Campsite Manager. The party causing damage is obliged to compensate for damages resulting from non-compliance with the rules. If the person causing damage is not identifiable, the person on the bill (who made the reservation) is liable for the damages.
  3. Barbecue is allowed in the Campsite area, provided that the rules of peaceful coexistence are observed and the people involved are obliged to permanently extinguish the equipment after use, and make sure that the waste is disposed safely. The party causing damage is obliged to compensate for damages resulting from non-compliance with the rules. If the person causing damage is not identifiable, the person on the bill (who made the reservation) is liable for the damages.
  4. We do NOT take responsibility for the valuables ​​left unattended in the Campsite area! You can store your valuables in our safes at the Reception.
  5. Do not forget to safeguard your values; we recommend keeping the accommodations closed if you are not close to it! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the safekeeping of your valuables is primarily your responsibility, and we recommend that you take out travel and property insurance in advance.
  6. The Campsite will not be held liable for damages resulting from elemental and storm damage (hail, falling trees, falling branches, etc.); fire, infections or illnesses, crime or violation, or from terrorist acts!
  7. The connection to and disconnection off the electrical power supply equipment (electric cabinet) may only be carried out by an authorized person of the Campsite.
  8. The Campsite’s Fire Protection Regulations can be viewed at the Reception.
  9. First aid is available at the Reception and at designated first aid sites.
  10. If you need care due to an accident, please inform the Campsite staff.
  11. Use of the Campsite’s services is at everyone’s own risk. Please pay special attention to the intended use and that children under the age of 14 may only use certain devices and equipment under adult supervision.

Environmental Protection

  1. Our Campsite is located in a highly sensitive zone. Protecting the environment and the vegetation is the duty of those staying here.
  2. No Littering is allowed in the Campsite area; we kindly ask you to keep your accommodation and surroundings tidy and clean! Think of the future guests, and will leave your accommodation clean when you check out! Please dispose of the waste in the designated waste containers!
  3. Waste containers are marked according to the selective waste disposal, NO other types of waste can be placed in them! Contact the Reception for information on the disposal of hazardous waste (e.g. used batteries, dry batteries, etc.).
  4. Garbage collection containers for the collection of selective and mixed waste are regularly disinfected in accordance with the regulations.
  5. It is obligatory to place waste or rubbish in these collection containers. Waste removal takes place regulary, based on a contract with the service provider.
  6. If you notice a leak of petrol or oil from your vehicle, please notify the Reception immediately!
  7. Please protect the plants and bushes in the Campsite. Do not break or cut their branches or shoots (if they bother you, please tell the Reception), do not trample the seedlings; pay attention to the plants lining the car parking spaces during parking!
  8. PLEASE, DO NOT tie the clotheslines or the tent’s (awning’s) lines to the branches of the trees!
  9. It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to hammer nails into the trees, to spill leftover food or contaminants on the vegetation. It is not allowed to dig a trench or pit even on a temporary basis!
  10. Guests using a camper must discharge the waste water at designated collection points!
  11. Please, do not use more energy than necessary (hot water, use of electrical equpiments, air conditioning, lights, etc.)
  12. First aid station is at the Reception. First aid kits are available at the first aid station. Emergency telephone numbers (104: ambulance, 112: general emergency number) are displayed at a well visible place.


  1. Smoking is only allowed at designated areas. Please do not smoke in public areas and at the Reception.
  2. We ask our smoker guests to take non-smokers into consideration! To this end, for the purposes of fire-safety and environmental protection, the butts and other waste must be disposed of appropriately, so that the Campsite can meet guests’ expectations from both in terms of aesthetics and safety.

Photography, taking pictures

  1. Photos and videos can only be taken at the Camping if the persons involved have agreed to do so. We draw the attention of all our guests to the observance of the relevant legal provisions.
  2. We would like to inform you that the agents of the Campsite are entitled to make video and audio recordings at the events held at the Campsite. These persons have been authorized to do so by the Campsite in order to use the recordings concerned for marketing purposes. We are doing our best to keep anyone and anything involved in the recordings unidentifiable as far as possible, but we cannot completely avoid this. Therefore, by adopting the Rules and Regulations, we deem that you have no objections to the making of these recordings. You can obviously prohibit the re-use of images representing you at any time during the recording or at the use of the images (in which case we will either remove them or make you unrecognizable by technical means).
  3. Please note that it is not permitted to use drones and other remotely controlled aircraft in the Campsite area or in its “airspace”.

First aid / medical care

  1. There is a medical service in Nagykanizsa; you can get information about it at the Reception. Our colleagues can help with any problems you may have.
  2. There is a first aid kit at the Reception.
  3. In case of emergency, you can call the following numbers toll free: General emergency:112 Ambulances: 104

What is not allowed in the Campsite

  1. Violation of the usual rules; written and unwritten rules of the campsite.
  2. Carrying out any activity that disturb others (sight, appearance, noise, etc.)
  3. Disruption of the rest time at siesta or at night; violation of the ban on the use of vehicles.
  4. Bringing objects or creatures into the Campsite, which may endanger the physical integrity of others, disturb the carefree stay of guests or outrage them in any other way.
  5. Displaying flags, badges, symbols or other objects that may hurt certain nations or individuals.
  6. It is forbidden to wash a car, change the engine’s oil and perform similar activities in the Campsite without the permission of the Campsite management.
  7. If one of our guests behaves in a way that seriously disturbs the rest of others or causes damage to the property of the Campsite or others and does not stop doing so upon request, we will request police action. In this case, we reserve the right to expel the guest from the Campsite. If this happens, no fees already paid will be refunded.

Miscellaneous information

  1. Our safe service is available at the Reception of the Campsite, the use of which is subject to a fee according to the Price List displayed at the Reception. Of course, the Campsite takes full responsibility for the objects deposited there. The Campsite cannot be held responsible for the valuables ​held in the accommodation units.
  2. The entire staff of the Campsite is entitled to monitor the observance of the Rules and Regulations and to draw the attention of the guests to comply them.
  3. Prices not regulated in the Rules and Regulations are subject to the current Price List of the Campsite, which is displayed at the Reception. In all cases, the provisions of the Price List shall prevail.
  4. We always take care of the modifications of the law rules, so of the regulations of the epidemic and other medical situations.
  5. If you wish to make a complaint about any of the Campsite’s services or the behaviour of other campers, you can do so in person at the Reception, by entering your complaint in the Customers’ Book, or by e-mail at .

Please adhere to the policy so that all our guests have a great time and want to return! We wish all our dear guests a pleasant stay!

Management of the Campsite