Camping Restaurant Zalakaros

Gastronomic delights close to nature

June 04, 2024

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Camping Restaurant Zalakaros

Gastronomic delights close to nature


étterem Zalakros Thermal Camping halételek

Thermal Camping Zalakaros is a lush green oasis, ideally located near Zalakaros Spa and popular recreational spots. It also features a family-friendly restaurant, making it the perfect holiday destination. Experience high quality gastronomic services on your holiday at Camping Restaurant Zalakaros!

Read on and discover what culinary delights await you at Thermal Camping Zalakaros!


restaurant Thermal Camping Zalakaros


Camping Restaurant Zalakaros

Quality and tradition prepared in a modern way

The restaurant is located right within Thermal Camping Zalakaros, offering the most convenient dining option during your holiday.

A sense of hospitality and a family-friendly atmosphere welcome you from the moment you enter. Friendly service and a pleasant atmosphere ensure everyone feels at home. Camping Restaurant Zalakaros has been a popular choice for 18 years, not only among locals but also among Hungarian and international guests of Thermal Camping Zalakaros.

Camping Restaurant Zalakaros offers traditional local flavours of Hungarian cuisine, as well as a light Mediterranean-style menu. In addition to their delicious and carefully prepared meals, they also offer notably generous portions.

The menu offers both modern and traditional dishes, all prepared with carefully selected ingredients. The menu also features fish specialties such as squid, zander fish fillet but lately many people have also become a fan of the red king crab.


restaurant Thermal Camping Zalakaros


Make a reservation for an impressive lunch or dinner

If you want to make your holiday at Thermal Camping Zalakaros truly comfortable, or if you’re visiting with a large group, you can conveniently enjoy high-quality meals together at Camping Restaurant Zalakaros.

Make a reservation for your party to secure your preferred dining time. You can enjoy the same level of comfort as a hotel stay at Camping Restaurant Zalakaros. The restaurant offers more than just the culinary experience. You don’t have to give up the closeness to nature and you can recharge in the beautiful green surroundings with woods and groves at the campsite.


restaurant Thermal Camping Zalakaros

Camping Restaurant – died-friendly meals


The restaurant caters to every special need

Camping Restaurant Zalakaros also pays special attention to guests with food intolerances. If someone in your party is on a special diet, it’s easy to find the perfect meal for them on the menu, whether gluten-free, lactose-free or any other diet.

The restaurant has known and catered for special dietary needs from the very beginning. For example, you can also order a gluten-free version of the schnitzels, which is cooked separately in different oil.

Children will also find plenty of options to enjoy on the specially designed children’s menu.


restaurant Thermal Camping Zalakaros


Special Events and Celebrations

Camping Restaurant Zalakaros can be an ideal venue for business meetings, family events and celebrations. Whether it’s a special anniversary, graduation, or a milestone birthday, you can trust the restaurant to take care of everything for you.

If you are organising an important family reunion or a special occasion, Thermal Camping Zalakaros is the perfect place for an unforgettable and memorable experience. You can spend time together in a beautiful green natural environment, with a spa and numerous other memorable leisure activities close by.


restaurant Thermal Camping Zalakaros


And with a variety of accommodation types to choose from, there’s something to suit everyone, whether you’re looking to spend your holiday in a comfortable mobile house, apartment, caravan or tent. At Thermal Camping Zalakaros, you can spend several days together as a family in maximum comfort, while the excellent restaurant will enrich your experience with gastronomic services to suit all tastes. During events, the restaurant uses special, exclusive tableware, ensuring that your special moments at Camping Restaurant Zalakaros are handled with care and attention to detail.


restaurant Thermal Camping Zalakaros

Camping Restaurant – Events


A Different Camping Experience

Camping Restaurant Zalakaros is popular not only because of its delicious food and pleasant atmosphere, but also because it perfectly complements the experience of camping in nature. Modern and traditional dishes, specialities and attention to children’s needs and special diets all contribute to a carefree holiday.

At Thermal Camping Zalakaros, you will find a wide range of leisure facilities and services, allowing you to enjoy a full day of experiences right at your accommodation. The campsite offers football equipment, a ping-pong table, and an exciting playground for children. Play sports, games and treat yourself to delicious meals!

Adventurous guests can embark on exciting excursions to the area’s special attractions. The nearby Lake Kis-Balaton the fishing lake at Zalamernye and the Zalakaros Spa, which is adjacent to the campsite, are just some of the great activities in the area.

At Thermal Camping Zalakaros, we strive to ensure your comfort. You can conveniently purchase tickets for the Zalakaros Spa and a fishing ticket at the reception. You can take care of all this at the campsite, so you don’t have to wait in line.

And after a day filled with joyful experiences, Camping Restaurant Zalakaros will ensure you won’t stay hungry, allowing you to relax and feel satisfied in the embrace of nature.


Book your accommodation at Thermal Camping Zalakaros

If you would like to try a modern and comfortable form of camping and taste the delicacies of Camping Restaurant Zalakaros, you can book your accommodation online in just a few minutes.

At Thermal Camping Zalakaros, we offer fully equipped new mobile homes and apartments to guests seeking maximum comfort. And for fans of the classic camping experience, we offer extra-large 100 square metre caravan pitches and tent pitches.

You can pay for your accommodation using a credit card or a debit card issued by any service provider. The booking can be finalised by paying the deposit fee. If you would like to book a pitch, you can do so even more flexibly, as there is no obligation to pay a deposit fee for this type of accommodation.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Zalakaros!