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Events in Zalakaroson


Thermal Camping Zalakaros is located in the picturesque Zala County, in the city centre of Zalakaros. For fans of thermal baths and nature lovers, camping in the immediate vicinity of the spa is a must option.

In our calendar of events, you will find the events in the city programs broken down by week, so you have the opportunity to plan your holiday in advance in the light of the programs. Not only the city offers programs for you, but the neighbourhood as well. You can go on great trips nearby Tüskevár (Thorn-castle), for example, the setting of a legendary Hungarian novel by the nearby Kis-Balaton conservation area, and visit the hut features in the novel.

Here we have gathered some programs and sights for you in and around Zalakaros to make your holiday a memorable experience.

The thermal spa

The nearby Thermal spa in Zalakaros offers an experience and a real rejuvenation for all ages. The area of the multi-storey thermal spa is almost impossible to discover in a single day. It has a full range of diverse services and programs. The spa includes the Adrenaline slide park, a wellness spa, a sauna world, a children’s water paradise, as well as a wide range of beauty and medical services.

The neighbourhood

Thermal Camping Zalakaros is only 850 meters away from the thermal bath, which can be reached with a 10-minute easy walk. After a pleasant swim, on the way to back the campsite, there are several grocery stores, restaurants, pizzerias, or even a confectionery. In the centre of Zalakaros, in the immediate vicinity of the campsite, there are several interesting sights.

Gyógyfürdő tér (Spa Square) is only 4 minutes away from the campsite, where the Zalakaros Lookout Tower is located, from where there is a great view of the city, but the nearby Hangok tere (Square of sounds) is also an intriguing tourist attraction.

The Thermal Lake and
Eco-beach of Zalakaros

Lovers of the natural environment and the sophisticated parks will appreciate the area, as near as 350 meters away from the campsite you can find the Thermal Lake and Eco-beach.

Here you can admire a small pond of picturesque beauty, and next to it there is a visitor centre for the Thermal Lake and the Eco-beach, as well as a recreation and outdoor fitness park, which boasts a 21-meter slide tower, unique in Hungary in terms of its dimensions.

Fairy-tale park and
playground with a stream

The area also offers excitement for children, as here you can find the Fairy-tale Park, which is a special playground with a winding little stream and a wooden house, but those who like challenges can also try the toddle-walkway across the water.

Following the Éger educational trail, you can recharge your batteries through the energies offered by the forest and nature, and then you can relax in the Meditation Pavilion of Lights, where you can feel the effect of the rotation of the Earth.



After relaxing in the thermal baths, it is worth taking some small journeys by car, as the area offers lots of special attractions. The exploration of Kis-Balaton conservation area and the Kis-Balaton Visitor Centre is a must, and fans of the legendary novel Tüskevár (Thorn Castle) must visit the writer, István Fekete’s memorial site as well as the Matula hut featuring in the novel.

The Buffalo reserve in Kápolnapuszta also offers a unique experience, where the largest herd of buffaloes in Hungary can be found. For those of adventurous spirit, there is the rock gorge in Nagybakák, while the Zobor Adventure Park offers a guaranteed adrenaline boost for even young teenagers.
Thanks to the excellent location of Zalakaros, Lake Balaton can be reached within 30 minutes, and the wealth of events and attractions is inexhaustible.

Camping is an experience and
a recreation in one

After a pleasant stay in the spa or an exciting excursion, it is great to relax in the campsite. Your feeling of comfort is ensured by the well-designed sanitary unit, and you can also use the services of a hairdresser and a massage therapist.

If you do not want to go out after a busy day, we also have a restaurant on site where you can dine in a pleasant atmosphere. The campsite also has a kitchen including a dish-washing facility of course, for those enjoying cooking as a part of their recreation during the holiday.