Camping by the thermal spa

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Camping by the thermal spa

A refreshing visit to the thermal spa, followed by a rest in this magnificent natural environment is re-energising in itself, but camping offers even more: it is a unique experience.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of summer evening campfires, cooking and eating together, and having long conversations under the stars.

Thermal Camping Zalakaros provides all the ingredients for an unforgettable camping trip to all our guests.

We know proper relaxation requires a calm and comfortable environment, practical amenities and services that take a load off your mind, and we provide them all.


The reception is open around the clock between. Our helpful staff are always happy to answer your questions and provide assistance, so do not hesitate to contact them.


Parking spaces are available both at the caravan pitches and the tent pitches. Motor vehicles may not enter the campsite between 11pm and 6am.

Free WiFi

Whether for work or for leisure, all our guests have access to free WiFi across the entire campsite. One appliance per guest. For details, ask our colleagues at the reception.

Visitor tickets

Guests may also invite visitors to the campsite. Each visitor will require one visitor ticket, which will allow them to stay on the site until 8pm.

Online reservation / inquiry

The easiest way to make a reservation is online. It only takes a few minutes, and ensures you can snap up the caravan or tent pitch of your choice. Subject to availability, you can also make reservations in person, at the campsite reception, but we cannot guarantee we will always be able to offer you a place.

Send us an email to get an offer or to make a reservation, and we will hold the selected pitch and date slot for you. For mobile homes and apartments, the online booking process is only considered complete when 50% of the price has been paid, and requesting an offer does not guarantee a reservation. For our pitches, no deposit is required this year.

If you need to cancel, please let us know via email at least 48 hours before your arrival. Otherwise we will not be able to refund your deposit, as per the applicable regulations.

When you arrive at the campsite, the law requires us to check your ID. The travel documents of each guest will be recorded in the VIZA database.

In practice, this means we will scan your documents, so please make sure you bring a valid ID card or other photo ID (driving licence, passport) with you.

Failure to do so will mean we cannot accommodate you at our campsite, even if you have paid for your pitch in full.

This law also applies to under-18s. Please make sure they also have their photo ID card on them.

On arrival, once you have presented your photo ID, you will be asked to complete a check-in form. You can do this at the reception but it is worth doing it online before you arrive, to save time.

Campsite rules

Check In

There are two important steps you must complete before entering the campsite: present your photo ID, and complete the check-in form. To save time at the reception, we suggest you complete check-in before you set off. Your holiday can start as soon as your ID has been checked.

On arrival, each guest must present valid photo ID (ID card, driving licence or passport).

We are required by law to record your details in the electronic VIZA system. You will not be allowed to enter the campsite before this process is completed.

Motor vehicles

Thanks to its fantastic natural beauty and the vicinity of the thermal spa, Thermal Camping Zalakaros is the perfect place to relax.

In order to minimise disturbances, the campsite gates are closed between 11pm and 6am. During this time, motor vehicles may not be used on the site.

Similarly to Mediterranean resorts, we resorts, there an afternoon ‘siesta’ between 1pm and 3pm. Night-time quiet hours are between 11pm and 6am.


The campsite is dog and animal friendly – your pets are considered members of the family here.

We are glad to see four-legged guests, and you are welcome to bring your pets with you on holiday, provided you also bring their vaccination certificates. Dogs must be on a leash on the site at all time. This will also help make sure they do not wander off.

Further details on the rules regarding pets are included in the campsite policy. The applicable fees are detailed in our price list.

Caravan and tent pitches

Thermal Camping Zalakaros offers guests expansive grounds. We can accommodate up to 100 caravans and tents on individual pitches.

Caravan pitches open at 12 noon on the day of your arrival, and tent pitches are available from 2pm.

Our reception staff will help you find the pitch you reserved or suggest the best one to pick, if you have not made a prior reservation. For a fixed reservation fee, you may also return to the pitch you fell in love with last time.

Apartmanok és mobilházak

A Thermal Camping Zalakaros hatalmas területtel várja vendégeit, összesen 100 db parcella – lakókocsi és sátor számára tudunk helyet biztosítani.

A parcellák elfoglalására az érkezés napján 12:00 órától, a sátorhelyek elfoglalására pedig 14:00 órától van lehetőség.

A recepció munkatársai segítenek a lefoglalt, vagy az éppen rendelkezésre álló legjobb sátorhely, illetve lakókocsi parcella kiválasztásában, de lehetőség van fix foglalási díj ellenében egy korábban már megszeretett parcella kiválasztására is.

Our campsite

Season pass

The season pass is a great choice for those who want to holiday with us more than once during a season. We will reserve your favourite caravan or tent pitch for the whole summer, and you are welcome to return any time you want to.

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Naturally, campers have access to our kitchen and dishwashing facilities. Whether you are looking for a relaxing time by the stove or to whip up a quick lunch, you will find everything you need, right here.

Spa Ticket

Bath tickets can be purchased at the reception. Feel free to use this option, as it will avoid unnecessary queues and get you to Zalakaros Spa in no time.

Other services
avialable at the campsite


The campsite is home to an excellent restaurant. It is right on your doorstep, and definitely worth visiting for its friendly service and delicious menu. It is a great addition to a pleasant holiday.

Zalakaros Camping Restaurant
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Table reservation: +36 30 356 0500


Our guests can also enjoy professional massage services, available for relaxation, rehabilitation, therapy and medicinal purposes.

Elisabeth Masszázs
Booking: +36 30 4762511

Wash and dry laundry

Our new laundromat is open every day of the week. Our shop is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

We ask you to bring detergent and fabric softener with you!

For more information, call the following telephone number and the Thermal Camping reception:
+36 30 294 09 97

Zalakaros Thermal Spa

Zalakaros has one of the best thermal spas of Hungary, and it is also rich in natural treasures.

Our campsite is right by the thermal spa, so guests are always only a few minutes’ walk away from the wide range of wellness, beauty and medicinal services available at Zalakaros Spa.

Thermal Camping Zalakaros is situated in the heart of an unforgettably beautiful landscape.

The cool shade of our huge, old trees, the morning birdsong, the fresh air and the expansive grounds, along with the spa and the ambiance of the nearby parks, will ensure our guests are fully re-energised and re-vitalised during their visit.

the thermal spa

Zalakaros Thermal Spa offers a wide range of experiences and excellent services.

The water park section includes indoor and outdoor adventure pools, a sauna, Children’s World spanning 400 square metres, and the amazing Black Hole slide. The outdoor pool section is home to the medicinal pool, a thermal pool and a swimming pool as well as the family and the Adrenaline slide parks.

Children’s World welcomes both young and not-so-young visitors with a range of slides and water adventures as well as a playground and a family sauna set to 40 to 45 °C.

This is not your ordinary playground, however! It is kingdom of adventures spread over two levels, and families will find plenty to do here – provided you can entice your young ones to leave the pool for a minute!

Visit Sauna World for exciting sauna programmes, a Finnish sauna that seats 60, a Finnish aroma sauna, a steam room, an ice dispenser, cold and hot water dipping pools and a hot tub.

The medicinal and thermal spa, recommended for adults only, offers the beneficial effects of medicinal and salt waters in its atmospheric indoor medicinal pool, a saltwater pool, and an outdoor medicinal garden pool.

With its eye-catching surroundings, the variety of experiences provided by its wide range of services, and a range of varied programmes, the thermal spa is definitely worth visiting more than once. It is ideal for those wishing to recuperate and reenergise as well as families and everyone else looking for a relaxing break.

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