New Thermal Camping Zalakaros accommodation options from this year

What to choose this year? Caravan, tent, mobile house or apartment?

April 09, 2024

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New Thermal Camping Zalakaros accommodation options from this year

What to choose this year? Caravan, tent, mobile house or apartment?


Zalakaros szállás Thermal Camping

Planning your holiday should really be considered part of the trip, because this is the time when you can start daydreaming about how you’re going to spend your well-earned days of relaxation. You can picture yourself in beautiful surroundings in the heart of nature as you are enjoying the time you spend outdoors with active recreation, or just imagine lying lazily in a sun lounger.

If these are the sort of experiences you would like to fill your holiday with this year, but you also value comfort, come camping and find the perfect option for you from the range of Thermal Camping Zalakaros accommodation options.

Read on to find out what type of campsite accommodation suits your preferences the best. We’ll help you find the best option for the holiday of your dreams this year.


Learn more about the Thermal Camping Zalakaros accommodation range and pick the one that suits you best

It is important to consider personal requirements and preferences when planning your holiday. The Thermal Camping Zalakaros accommodation range has something for everyone.

If your primary concern is freedom and flexibility, a caravan holiday may be the best option for you.

If you’re looking for the classic camping experience, then staying in a tent is definitely your best option, and will help you make some truly unforgettable experiences.

But wait! The Thermal Camping Zalakaros accommodation range includes even more options for those of you who like their creature comforts and want to feel at home even when on holiday. Starting this year, we are offering brand new mobile houses and apartments to nature-lovers who want to stay in this lush, green oasis but don’t want to compromise on comfort, either.

Of course, we provide more than just accommodation: we also take care of everything else that you may need to be comfortable. You’ll find a fantastic restaurant right at the campsite, and there are plenty of opportunities for active relaxation, too. We have a superb playground and facilities for football, badminton and table tennis as well as free Wi-Fi.

If you long for a spot of relaxation, why not sign up for a professional massage session right here at the campsite or just take a short walk to nearby Zalakaros Spa.

Karos Promenade, the always-bustling venue that hosts a range of fantastic events in the heart of the town is also at a stone’s throw from your accommodation, as is the Thermal Lake and Eco Shore, where you can explore natural wonders in a modern leisure space.

There is a lot to explore nearby, so all you need for your next adventure in Zalakaros is the right accommodation.


Zalakaros accommodation – Caravan plots at Thermal Camping


Caravan holidays: Freedom and flexibility

Anyone can enjoy a holiday in a caravan or motorhome, regardless of whether you own one. If you don’t have a caravan, just rent one, and you’re ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure.


100-square-metre plots

Each caravan plot in the Thermal Camping Zalakaros accommodation range is of an exceptionally large size. You’ll have 100 square metres to park your caravan and your car, and you can even pitch a tent. Each plot has 10 amp mains connection, which you can use free of charge.

This option is most suitable for those who want to feel free and leave daily routine behind completely while on holiday. In a caravan, you can enjoy your very own little world; unlike home but still flexibly adaptable to your personal requirements. The equipment installed in a caravan tends to reflect the personality of its owner, and once you’ve filled it up with familiar objects, it will provide a holiday that’s perfectly tailored to your preferences.


‘Comfort’ plots

The main attraction of a caravan is that you can fit in it everything you need for a holiday spent in comfort. Caravans offer comfortable bed, a well-equipped kitchen or even a proper bathroom. The Thermal Camping Zalakaros accommodation range includes ‘Comfort’ plots, which have electricity and wastewater connections that you can use free of charge.


Tent holidays: The classic camping experience

If you are looking for an authentic camping experience, then look no further than a well-equipped tent. This accommodation type is definitely not just for those who feel a pang of nostalgia or for experienced campers.


The joy of being together

Tent holidays are ideal for all who enjoy staying in the heart of nature and embarking on adventures. It is also a great way to get closer to your friends and family because the shared experiences provide an excellent opportunity to bond. Pitching the tent together, gazing at the stars at night and enjoying the authentic campsite atmosphere are guaranteed to help you make some new memories that will last a lifetime.

The Thermal Camping Zalakaros accommodation range includes tent pitches that are 100 square metres each. These extra spacious pitches ensure you can personalise your surroundings when setting up your tent. Tent holidays are unforgettable, and also the most cost-efficient options, so you may even be able to afford a longer-than-usual holiday.


Zalakaros accommodation – View of the campsite from a mobile house bedroom


Comfort and home-like atmosphere in a heated mobile house

New, air-conditioned mobile houses

Four mobile houses installed in 2024 are the latest fantastic additions to the Thermal Camping Zalakaros accommodation range. Three of them are so-called ‘all-season’ models, and each one is air-conditioned with both heating and cooling options, so they guarantee a pleasant temperature throughout the year.

Each of the mobile houses also has a large patio furnished with garden furniture. It is the perfect place to sip your coffee in the morning, sitting in beautiful, green surroundings wherever you look.

The houses are fully equipped and furnished, so they are the ideal choice if you prefer not to bring too much with you when going on holiday, sleep in a comfy bed and cook in your own kitchen. Whether you are travelling with a few family members or friends, the mobile houses offer an ideal and comfortable solution.


Zalakaros accommodation – Apartment bedroom


Apartments for those value comfort and privacy

Just like the mobile houses, our apartments are ideal for those who prioritise comfort and privacy. This accommodation type also comes fully equipped and furnished, so it is ideal for longer stays and on trips where you are looking for the same level of comfort as what you can enjoy at home.


Fully equipped for comfort

The apartments in the Thermal Camping Zalakaros accommodation range each have their own kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. You won’t have to bring your own bedding or towels, as these are provided. The kitchens have everything you could possibly need to cook up a meal during holiday. Apartments are ideal for small families and couples who want to share the pleasure of a holiday.


Booking your accommodation is simple

Book the accommodation that best suits your requirements and preferences, and you can start relaxing and replenishing your batteries in this beautiful, green oasis. You can book your accommodation simply online. Your booking is confirmed once you have paid the applicable deposit, which you can do using your debit or credit card.

Whichever option you choose from the Thermal Camping Zalakaros accommodation range, you are guaranteed to have a great time thanks to the beautiful, green environment and the fantastic amenities available at the campsite.