Adventures and new features: Zalakaros camping experiences await you in 2024

January 29, 2024

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Adventures and new features: Zalakaros camping experiences await you in 2024


Zalakaros kemping thermal camping mobilhaz

The rebirth of a campsite

A few seasons ago, under new management and spurred on by the enthusiasm of the team, Thermal Camping embarked on a new adventure. At the time, we did not suspect we would have the opportunity to introduce so many developments and new features in such a short time. The Zalakaros camping scene has been reinvigorated, in no small part thanks to you, the guests, who fill this wonderful place with life year after year.

The campsite is barely recognisable now: all the hard work has brought about a huge transformation. We have preserved the beautiful natural treasures in this green oasis, and created a place to stay that fits perfectly into its environment while also offering all the comfort and convenience you would expect to find today.

We are particularly excited by the opening of the 2024 season because we have some great surprises in store for you. You can discover them straight away if you click on booking your accommodation. We have plenty more plans and will definitely keep busy over the coming years but, till then, let us introduce you to all the developments and new features that await you in the 2024 camping season.


Thermal Camping Zalakaros – The mobile houses have arrived


The off-season is starting: Zalakaros camping scene comes to life on 28 March


New apartments and mobile houses at Thermal Camping Zalakaros

The biggest bombshell of this year is that now you can stay indoors when camping in Zalakaros if you wish. Our guests have always been eager to enjoy a quick off-season break, and we are overjoyed every time the first caravans roll into Thermal Camping. As of 2024, however, spring relaxation will be available to more than just caravan lovers, as you will shortly be able to book your accommodation in an apartment or in one of the new mobile houses.

No reason then not to enjoy a long weekend, a rejuvenating therapy session in the spring, bathing and hiking. Two completely redecorated apartments await, with shiny and new equipment inside. We have refurbished the bathroom from top to bottom, installed a new bedroom and brought in new furniture. If you book quickly enough, you can be the first guests to enjoy this fantastic new environment.

In addition to the apartments, we have also installed four new mobile houses, three of which are suitable for staying in around the year and can stand up to whatever the weather throws at them.

Relax on the patio

Each of our indoor accommodation options has its own patio, which is a great place to have a long chat while gazing at the stars or to sip your delicious green tea in the morning light.

If you are worried about the chilly spring nights and don’t feel like pitching a tent during this time of year but love camping, or if you’d simply prefer to enjoy a genuine Zalakaros camping experience while sleeping in a comfortable bed, our new indoor accommodation options are just the right choice for you.


Families will love the new playground

It is a dream come true for us, and we know you’ve also wanted it very much. We have built a fantastic playground for the children at Thermal Camping. We hope this little playground will be the perfect addition to the Zalakaros camping experience for families, and while the young ones are playing, the parents can also enjoy a quick breather.


Thermal Camping Zalakaros – The mobile houses have arrived


Spotlessly clean: The sanitary facilities have been completely redecorated

We have replaced all doors and windows in the sanitary block, and installed new sinks, taps, and urinals. Wherever we saw even the slightest issue, we replaced the light switches and plugs so that you can really enjoy using your electric appliances. We treated the floor with a special machine cleaning procedure, which went far beyond than a simple mopping.


Upgraded power supply to plots

This year, we also installed 5 new electrical cabinets by the plots so that you can plug in your appliances conveniently, right next to your caravan. It’s worth noting that you can enjoy extra-large plots of 100 square metres each at Thermal Camping, each one of which has a 10 amp power outlet installed. Electricity use is included in the base price, so you will not be charged separately for it.


Free internet access

Guests can use free Wi-Fi at the reception. We expect further upgrades to be delivered in the summer of 2024 so that our Wi-Fi signal will cover the entire campsite. You can lie back and relax in your sun lounger under the beautiful trees for an authentic Zalakaros camping experience, and send a photo to your colleagues who are still slaving away at work!


Let the campsite table tennis tournaments begin!

One of most obvious ways to enjoy some active relaxation is to play a game, and this is also an important part of the Zalakaros camping experience. As soon as the campsite opens, the shuttlecocks take to the air and sports equipment is dusted off. The possibilities are endless: you have the huge green grounds all to yourself if you want to relax, play a game or let off some steam. We have also installed a new table tennis table. So come, enjoy a laid-back game, or organise your very own family tournament. Go, go, Zalakaros camping!


The beautiful green grounds of Thermal Camping

We take great care to preserve this beautiful area dotted with trees and groves, but our commitment to environmental protection goes further. This year, we launched an important project to introduce renewable energy sources into the campsite infrastructure. We plan to install a 50 kW solar panel on the free plot next to the campsite. The preparatory work has begun, and the plan will become a reality in the course of 2024.

We also pay special attention to maintaining our built environment, so we have already refreshed the gravel roads and repaired the fence before the start of the season.


The booking system has also been updated

Book your stay in one of our accommodation options, and dive head first into the authentic Zalakaros camping experience! We even simplified the booking system this year. In just a few clicks, you can reserve your accommodation, then use your debit or credit card to pay for it. Don’t miss out on all the new features!