Camping in Zalakaros

Surrounded by comfort

March 27, 2024

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Camping in Zalakaros

Surrounded by comfort


kemping Zalakaros mobilház konyha nappali tv - Thermal Camping

Everything you need for the perfect holiday – in one place

There is a campsite in Zalakaros where you will find the perfect balance between nature and comfort. Thermal Camping Zalakaros offers all the most important amenities you need, in order to ensure all you have to do is relax and enjoy your holiday.

Starting this season, we also offer modern mobile houses and redecorated apartments. Your comfort is also guaranteed if you decide to stay in your own tent or caravan thanks to our extra large plots, each one offering a 100 square metres of space. What’s more, you’ll be staying in a beautiful, green oasis at this campsite in Zalakaros, under the shade of giant trees.

Book your accommodation online and explore the family-friendly services and sports facilities available at Thermal Camping Zalakaros, as well as all the cultural attractions and natural wonders of the surrounding area. You will also find a fantastic restaurant right at the campsite, so you will be able to enjoy true culinary treats served in generous portions without having to leave your accommodation.

Here, you will find everything you could possibly need for the perfect holiday. This campsite in Zalakaros is situated in the vicinity of the local thermal spa, so all the excellent medicinal and wellness services will be right on your doorstep.


Tent pitch – Thermal Camping Zalakaros

Lush, green surroundings and comfort – What you can expect at our campsite in Zalakaros

The campsite in Zalakaros is situated in an area of exceptional natural beauty. Looking around at the trees and groves around you, it’s hard to believe the town is just a stone’s throw away. And yet, the spa is just 800 metres away, and a few minutes’ walk will take you to Karos Promenade, which is always buzzing with events.


Buy your spa ticket at the reception

Our campsite in Zalakaros is located right next to the spa, so after a leisurely stroll you can start enjoying all the wellness experiences you crave. To make things even simpler, we can also save you the hassle of queuing: just buy your spa ticket at the campsite reception.


An island of calm right next to great adventures

Thermal Camping Zalakaros is a truly unique holiday resort because it offers both a serene natural environment that is ideally suited for relaxing and recharging your batteries. Peace and quiet rules across the campsite, allowing you to get out of the rut of everyday life and the noise of the city. At the same time, if you feel like getting a bit more active, everything you’re looking for is quite literally right on your doorstep.


Family-friendly experiences right here

Our campsite in Zalakaros has a lot to offer those looking for active recreation. We have sports facilities as well as a superb, brand new playground. Why not try table tennis, badminton or football? You won’t even have to leave your accommodation to get yourself and the kids moving.


The perfect holiday starts with picking the right accommodation – What’s your favourite?

We each have our very own, personal idea of what comfort and the perfect holiday look like. Relaxation, too, means a slightly different thing to each person. For some, a comfy bed is absolutely crucial for a rest. To them, our brand new apartments and mobile houses will be the ideal choice. Others like to get out of their comfort zone, and want to find a sense of freedom and something completely different from the everyday routine. Even they won’t have to compromise on comfort, however, because our huge caravan plots and tent pitches are 100 square metres each, so they will accommodate all the modern camping equipment you need to enjoy the fantastic features of your accommodation in perfect comfort.


Caravan plot – Thermal Camping Zalakaros

Enough room to relax! – 100-square-metre plots at the campsite

Our campsite in Zalakaros offers a spacious, 100-square-metre plot to each guest staying in a caravan or tent. Thanks to their generous size, these plots are certainly suitable to create a true home away from home, right in the heart of nature.

Each plot is tidy and well maintained. Once you’ve set up your tent or caravan, there will be plenty of room left over to relax, lay out your camping equipment, chairs and loungers, and engage in whatever leisure activity you feel like. Naturally, dogs are also welcome to stay on our pitches for an extra fee, so you won’t have to leave them behind when going on holiday.


Focus on comfort like home: Apartments at the campsite

The apartments offer a superb level of comfort and privacy for campers. This contemporary and well-equipped accommodation type may be the ideal choice for couples and smaller families who are looking for a bit of private space and comfort while camping. The apartments are furnished with modern furniture, have fully equipped kitchens and their own bathrooms so that nothing can get in the way of a relaxing holiday. Nothing will distract you from all the new adventures you’re embarking on!


Camping in Zalakaros – New mobile houses


Contemporary camping experience in the new mobile houses

Our campsite in Zalakaros also boasts new and comfortable mobile houses, which are the ideal choice for you throughout the season if you prefer to stay in home-like conditions during your holiday. The mobile houses can be heated or cooled depending on the season, so you can always enjoy the temperature you need for a perfectly relaxing break.

The modern equipment and comfortable furniture as well as the well-equipped kitchens provide the perfect environment to enjoy the holiday of your dreams. What’s more you can even bring your four-legged friends with you, so that you will truly have everything you need in one place.


Restaurant and cooking at the campsite

Our campsite in Zalakaros also boasts an on-site restaurant with a great ambience, a varied menu and excellent culinary treats, including traditional flavours and modern dishes alike. The restaurant is the ideal venue for a family lunch, a romantic dinner or a friendly get-together.

Here, everyone will find the dishes that suit their palate and dietary requirements. If you don’t feel like spending all your precious holiday time in the kitchen, nothing could be simpler than popping down the restaurant right here at the campsite.

If, on the other hand, you find cooking relaxing, there is no reason to give up on it during your break. At Thermal Camping, comfort means you have access to everything you need to spend your holiday exactly in the way you want. You will of course have the option to cook at the campsite: our well-equipped kitchens will let anyone cook up something delicious in no time.


Booking accommodation for your next superb holiday is so quick!

Thanks to the online booking facility, you can reserve your accommodation quickly and easily in our campsite in Zalakaros. Visit our website, and you can book the holiday of your dreams for this summer in just a few clicks. But don’t hesitate, book early to avoid disappointment.

You can book campsite plots without paying a deposit, which is our way of providing you with even more flexibility. You will, however, need to pay a deposit before your reservation of a mobile house or apartment is confirmed. Wherever you’re staying, you can pay using your debit or credit card.

Our campsite in Zalakaros awaits. Visit us and experience this unique combination of comfort and fantastic experiences!