Cheap Accommodation in Zalakaros

4 things to know about the low season

May 07, 2024

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Cheap Accommodation in Zalakaros

4 things to know about the low season


szállás olcsó Zalakaros Thermal Camping

1. Enjoy Your Holiday at a Lower Price During the Low Season

Holiday Feeling and Carefree Relaxation

Zalakaros is a charming holiday resort that offers a complete holiday experience all year, thanks to its excellent thermal baths and beautiful surroundings in perfect harmony with nature.

We offer cheap accommodation at Thermal Camping Zalakaros with discounts during the low season, making it worth taking advantage of this early summer period.

The city and its surroundings also boast a wealth of natural treasures, just waiting to be discovered. At the camping, you can relax in a beautiful green environment with plenty of active recreational opportunities, and you can also make your days here unforgettable with delicious gastronomic experiences.


Superb Cheap Accommodation

New Accommodation Types at Thermal Camping Zalakaros

Thermal Camping Zalakaros offers the classic camping experience with extra large 100 square metre caravan pitches and tent pitches. Bring your own or rented caravan or tent, and enjoy the sweet moments of true freedom.



New mobile houses at the camping


Starting in the 2024 season, you’ll have fantastic new accommodation options to choose from inside the camping, including comfortable, well-equipped apartments and mobile homes. Whichever type you choose, you can get your cheap accommodation with a discount during the low season!


cheap accommodation Zalakaros mobile house

The bedroom of our new mobile houses


2. How long does the low season last?

The low season in 2024 will last until 14 June, marking the beginning of the real summer. It’s not only worth scheduling your holiday at this time of year, because you can get cheap accommodation at Thermal Camping Zalakaros.

If relaxation is your priority during your holiday, the low season atmosphere is ideal as it offers peace and quiet without the crowds. At this time, the summer holidays haven’t started yet, so there’s no holiday rush or overcrowding, but you can already experience the classic pleasures of summer.

Towards the end of the low season, in May and June, you can already enjoy the pleasant summer heat without feeling overwhelmed by heatwaves or discomfort from sweating during your activities.

Instead you can move freely and effortlessly, visit the most beautiful excursion destinations and relax in the shade of the giant trees of Thermal Camping Zalakaros.


3. How to book your accommodation online?

If you visit Thermal Camping Zalakaros during the low season, accommodation will be cheaper compared to the high season. Make sure you don’t delay booking your accommodation. If you’re planning a holiday in Zalakaros, book online now to secure your preferred type of accommodation!

You can book your accommodation in just few minutes by clicking on the price calculation/reservation button! Choose your preferred date and accommodation type, enter the number of guests and basic details, then pay the deposit to finalise your booking.

If you book during the low season, you can secure cheap accommodation with a discount compared to the high season. You can pay for your accommodation using a credit card or a debit card issued by any service provider.

Book Your Pitch with No Deposit Required

Thermal Camping Zalakaros offers even more flexible booking options for those interested in booking a caravan or tent pitch for a classic camping experience. Book a pitch at any time without needing to pay a deposit. Don’t hesitate to secure your pitch on your preferred date!


4. Zalakaros Awaits You

Thermal Spa and Wellness Adventures

Zalakaros is an exceptional holiday resort where the holiday season never really ends. The excellent European-standard thermal spa is open all year round and offers a wide range of activities during the low season.

Since you can get cheap accommodation during the low season consider investing the money you save on additional experiences to make your holiday even more memorable!

The spa offers wellness, beauty, and therapy services for you to enjoy. Take part in an exceptional sauna program, indulge in a special beauty treatment or enjoy a rejuvenating massage.

If you’d like to experience the benefits of a professional massage at your accommodation, you can also take advantage of our masseur services at Thermal Camping Zalakaros.

You can conveniently purchase your spa tickets at the camping reception without waiting in line, and simply walk a few minutes from your accommodation to enjoy the special thermal water at the spa.


The Harmony of Nature and City

Zalakaros is known as the city of water and also boasts beautiful green areas. In the vicinity of Thermal Camping, you’ll find a picturesque pedestrian street and event space within the built environment.


Karos Korzó

The Karos Korzó offers a diverse range of musical events and high-quality programmes, ensuring there’s something to suit every taste. Don’t forget, until June 14, 2024, it’s still the low season, making camping accommodation cheaper. However, the Karos Korzó is already in full summer swing with amazing events filling up the calendar.


Thermal Lake and Ecoside

You can visit the Thermal Lake and Ecoside, an idyllic harmony of nature and the urban environment located next to the camping. Experience the fairytale world by the man-made lake, at the playground, and with the outdoor installations.

The park has been designed to delight all your senses and offer a pleasant experience for all ages. Recharge in the Pavilion of Sounds and explore the park’s attractions, such as the 21 metre tall slide tower, the only one of its kind in the country.


The Land of Experiences

Experience the Lifestyle of Camping

Although accommodation at Thermal Camping Zalakaros may be cheaper in the low season, you can relax in a picturesque green setting shaded by giant trees. The beginning of every day is magical at Thermal Camping Zalakaros, where you can enjoy your morning coffee or a soothing cup of green tea amidst the birdsong and the gentle morning light.

You can also enjoy recreational activities at your accommodation, including badminton, ping-pong, football equipment, and an amazing playground for children. In the evenings, to fully experience the lifestyle of camping, light a campfire in one of our beautiful new fire pits.



Camping Restaurant – Thermal Camping Zalakros


Gastronomic Moments

If you get hungry, the camping has an excellent restaurant with huge portions and delicious classic and modern dishes. A fragrant fried fish with a generous amount of sides or the classic Hungarian schnitzel are always a great choices, but you can also choose from a menu of exceptional delicacies and aromatic wines.

You can also spend a day full of experiences exploring the surroundings of Zalakaros outside of Thermal Camping Zalakaros, with numerous hiking trails, sights to explore, and adventures awaiting you within a half-hour drive in all directions.

You can visit the Kápolnapuszta Water Buffalo Reserve, explore the Kis-Balaton area, experience the extreme adventures of the Zobor Adventure Park or set off on one of the beautiful hiking trails.

In Zalakaros, the water and the beautiful green surroundings rejuvenate, relax, and captivate you. Come during the low season, when accommodation is cheaper and enjoy the full experience!

gyógyfürdő strand Zalakaros Thermal Camping 10% kedvezmény

10% discount

Guests of Thermal Camping Zalakaros receive a 10% discount on the price of tickets for the Zalakaros Spa, available exclusively at the camping reception.
You can find the details at the reception.

The offer is valid from 19th June 2024 until cancelled.