Medical treatments and spa in Zalakaros

Spring is the best time to rejuvenate body and soul

April 17, 2024

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Medical treatments and spa in Zalakaros

Spring is the best time to rejuvenate body and soul


fürdő Zalakaros Thermal Camping kemping

Zalakaros Spa offers a range of truly rejuvenating services and medical treatments.

Nature is being reborn and spring is conquering the greyness, so it’s no surprise that we also feel like we need to rejuvenate, refresh and re-energise ourselves. What better way to do so than to take a wellness break and enjoy a camping holiday at Thermal Camping Zalakaros?

The closeness of nature and the beneficial effects of medicinal water create a perfect harmony, and spring is the best time to enjoy them.


Unique medicinal and thermal waters at Zalakaros Spa

Zalakaros Spa is not just one of the best places in Hungary to enjoy a wellness experience but also unique in the whole of Europe thanks to the special composition of its medicinal water.


Take a dip in health!

Zalakaros Spa has been officially recognised as a medicinal spa since the late 1970s. The local medicinal water contains a range of minerals, trace elements and dissolved salts that have various health benefits.

Bathing in medicinal water exerts its beneficial impact through a lot of the sulphur in the water being absorbed into the tissues, which improves healthy metabolism. It also helps treat psoriasis, reduce inflammation, expand coronary arteries, decrease joint swelling and improve musculoskeletal health.


spa Zalakaros Thermal Camping kemping

Spring is the best time for medical treatments

Zalakaros Spa welcomes guests looking for treatment or to just recuperate around the year, but spring may be the best time for those visiting in order to make use of the available therapeutic services. The weather is nice and warm at this time of year, but it is not yet unpleasantly hot. The heat can take its toll on your body, and make soaking in the thermal water less appealing. During the cold months, on the other hand, there is a higher chance of catching a cold and most of us feel generally less comfortable.

If you visit in the spring, you can combine the spa experience with the occasional hike or even just relaxing outdoors at Thermal Camping Zalakaros. The summer school holiday has not started yet, and most people are still holding off on taking time off work, so you won’t have to deal with the crowds. Both the spa and the campsite are characterised by peace and quiet, which is ideal for guests who are looking to relax.

Zalakaros Spa has a range of special events on offer in the spring, including weekly sauna ceremonies for those who want to take part in a fiery adventure.

It is much easier to secure a place for the sauna events when there isn’t a crowd. It is also far quicker to get book a slot for the various medical treatments, massage sessions, wellness and beauty services at this time of year.

Actually, if you are in the mood for a relaxing massage, you don’t even have to go as far as the spa. We have a professional massage therapist right here at the campsite, so you can enjoy great service without even leaving your accommodation.


Experiences that will recharge your batteries

In order for regenerative therapies to be fully effective, you also need to recharge spiritually by having new experiences. There are plenty of hiking spots and unmissable attractions nearby, and there is nothing like a bit of physical activity in the wonderful spring weather. Spring is the best season for camping and exploring the attractions of Zalakaros and its surrounding area.


Adventures start at the campsite

Flowers are blooming, the trees are green and the air is fresh in the spring, re-energising body and soul and chasing away the shadow of everyday stress while also allowing you to have a great time. Whether you are accompanied by friends or family, a game of badminton, football or table tennis is a great way to spice up your break. Children will also have a lot of fun at the campsite thanks to the superb on-site playground.

On top of all that, Thermal Camping Zalakaros is a great starting point for exploration. Thanks to its central location, all the most beautiful spots are just a few minutes’ walk away.


Hiking spots in Zalakaros Thermal Camping camping


Nature on your doorstep

Zalakaros Spa is definitely the highlight of the town but you should definitely not miss visiting the beautiful nature reserves and attractions in the area, either.

Road trips are the best way to visit all the major attraction. In just half an hour, you can reach Little Balaton, the Buffalo Reserve in Kápolnapuszta and many other beautiful natural wonders.


Exploration on your doorstep

Whether you are looking to swim in the lake, relax in the heart of nature, go hiking or cycling, or even just to take a walk across the town, Thermal Camping Zalakaros is a great place to stay. The medicinal spa and the leisure area of the unique Thermal Lake and Eco Shore are just a stone’s throw away. The many events and cultural activities hosted on Karos Promenade, the beautiful local pedestrian street, offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself during the spring.


Take a wellness break in Zalakaros

If you are feeling shattered by the long winter, tired and exhausted, or if you’re experiencing any physical ailments, get some ‘me time’ and recharge your batteries in! Book your accommodation at Thermal Camping Zalakaros, and let the springtime sun re-energise you in this beautiful, green environment.

All it takes is a few clicks: it is quick and simple to book your accommodation online. You can pay the deposit and the price of your accommodation using your debit or credit card. Starting from this year, you can also choose to stay in one of our comfortable mobile houses or apartments. Give yourself the pampering you deserve! Zalakaros Spa awaits.