Unique medicinal water and treatments

in wonderful Zalakaros Spa

November 08, 2023

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Unique medicinal water and treatments

in wonderful Zalakaros Spa


gyógyvíz Zalakaros Gyógyfürdő Thermal Camping

Medicinal water is a life-giving elixir

Hungary is the country of medicinal waters, and home to many renowned spa towns, but Zalakaros Spa is one of the most special among all of them thanks to its medicinal water, nature’s gift that has a unique composition like no other in the whole of Europe. It should come as no surprise then that Zalakaros is a true spa town: the thermal spa offers a wider range of services and comprehensive medicinal treatments that make the town one of the most popular destinations in the whole of Hungary. When you have a dip in the local medicinal water, you get to enjoy a life-giving elixir. Bathing here has been proven to be beneficial for joint problems, skin diseases, gastrointestinal illnesses and respiratory issues.

Naturally, there is more to recommend the area than the unique medicinal treatments available at the spa: there are also many leisure activities and fantastic hiking destinations that visitors can enjoy locally.


gyógyvíz Zalakaros Gyógyfürdő Thermal Camping

Zalakaros Spa

Zalakaros: A paradise of relaxation and healing

Zalakaros is a magical holiday destination that lies in the south-west of Hungary. It owes its popularity to Zalakaros Spa, which is famous for its thermal springs. The medicinal and recreational services of the spa offer relief for a range of health problems as well as an opportunity to relax and recharge or to have an exciting family adventure.

Thermal Camping Zalakaros is situated right next to the medicinal spa, so it could not be easier to combine a rejuvenating holiday with an authentic camping experience. This is an excellent pairing, as time spent in nature has unmatched benefits for reducing stress, improve your mood and bolster your mental health. By combining active relaxation and exploring the fantastic local natural treasures with the gift of medicinal water, you are guaranteed to return home feeling like a completely new person.


Learn more about the medicinal treatments offered at Zalakaros Spa

Zalakaros Spa is renowned for the thermal water that lies under the town, which is rich in minerals and various other beneficial ingredients. This water serves as the basis for the medicinal treatments available at the spa, which offer relief for a range of problems.


Indoor pools with medicinal water

The fan-shaped roof shelters two pools with medicinal water that visitors can enjoy. Please note that due to their high temperature, these pools are only recommended for adults, and there are also some important contraindications to consider. The medicinal water will help you relax, and you can continue to rest afterwards in the beautifully designed relaxation area. The indoor area also includes a cold-water pool, where you can get a bit more active and refresh your muscles with some pleasant exercise.


Medicinal treatments

Zalakaros Spa offers a host of unique medicinal treatments to visitors. You will find effective therapies for any number of different issues here. We recommend that you consult your doctor every time and in advance regarding which services are the most suitable for your condition and to learn about any potential contraindications, as well.


gyógyvíz Zalakaros Gyógyfürdő Thermal Camping

Zalakaros Gyógyfürdő


Hydrotherapy uses the physical properties of water to improve health. The water at Zalakaros is very well suited for hydrotherapy. The hot water will relax your muscles, improve circulation and provide relief for musculoskeletal problems.


Mud bath and mud pack treatment

Mud baths and mud packs are truly special forms of treatment that utilise the outstanding benefits of the medicinal mud from a thermal spring. Mud baths and mud packs reinvigorate circulation, detoxify the skin and improve its elasticity. They are an excellent choice for rheumatism, arthritis and skin diseases. They are available with a referral from your doctor.


Medicinal massage therapy

Massage relieves stress and reduces muscle tenseness. Zalakaros Spa has a team of experiences massage therapists who use a range of specialised techniques to reduce stress and offer relief for muscle issues. In addition to the classic Swedish massage, you can also enjoy a special treatment that uses a massage cream made from the local medicinal water.

The spa also offers underwater jet massage, carbon dioxide bath and weight bath options, each of which tackles specific ailments. In addition, you can benefit from physical therapy and underwater group physical therapy sessions at Zalakaros Spa.

The list of treatments includes many effective options, each of which can help you along your personal journey to recovery and better health.



The medicinal treatments available at Zalakaros Spa are recommended to treat a number of health problems, including:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders, such as rheumatism, arthritis and muscle pain
  • Chronic skin diseases, such as psoriasis and eczema
  • Respiratory issues, such as asthma and allergies
  • To relieve stress and anxiety, and to promote relaxation
  • To reduce general tiredness and fatigue



It is important to note that despite the many potential benefits of the medicinal water, certain treatments are not recommended for particular issues. Such contraindications include:

  • Acute infections: contagious diseases, including having a high temperature
  • Cardiovascular problems: if you have a serious cardiovascular condition, we recommend that you consult your doctor before using spa-based treatments
  • Pregnancy: certain treatments and very hot water may not be recommended during pregnancy
  • Allergies and sensitivities: certain substances, including salty air and chemicals in the bathwater may cause an allergic reaction, so please make sure to declare any such sensitivities before commencing your treatment

It is important for everyone who is planning to receive medicinal treatments to consult their doctor in advance in order to make sure that the treatments are safe and effective in their particular health situation.

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