Canoe Trips on Lake Kis-Balaton

June 12, 2024

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Canoe Trips on Lake Kis-Balaton


kenu túra Kisbalaton kenutúra Thermal Camping Zalakaros lakókocsi mobilház

If you want to make this year’s holiday memorable with unique nature experiences, exploring Zalakaros and the Lake Kis-Balaton area is the perfect choice.

The Kis-Balaton Visitor Centre offers a variety of guided trips, each introducing visitors to unique and special places.

You can go hiking or join one of the breathtaking Kányavár Canoe Trips, which pass through a highly protected nature reserve.

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and experience true peace and relaxation while sitting in a canoe. Thermal Camping Zalakaros, located right next to Zalakaros Spa, is the perfect base for all this.

Discover the unique atmosphere of a canoe trip and the hidden treasures of Lake Kis-Balaton, and relax in maximum comfort within a beautiful green environment! Here is a glimpse of this nature adventure: a thrilling canoe trip in the enchanting atmosphere of Tüskevár.


canoe trip lake Kisbalaton canoe trip Thermal Camping Zalakaros caravan mobile house

Canoeing on Lake Kis-Balaton


Kányavár Canoe Trip

If you are planning to explore Lake Kis-Balaton, you can reach it in less than half an hour by car from Thermal Camping Zalakaros. Lake Kis-Balaton is a nature reserve with a variety of hiking and canoe routes.

A particularly exciting experience is the canoe trip around Kányavár Island, where you can admire up close the diverse world of reeds and aquatic plants. The Kányavár canoe trip is not only spectacular, but also gives you the opportunity to have an adventure in the harmony of nature.


Canoeing Through Wild Landscapes

The Kányavár Canoe Trip takes you on a two to three-hour excursion on the peaceful waters of Lake Kis-Balaton, where you can observe the rich wildlife of the area in its natural habitat within a highly protected nature reserve. The pace of canoeing is easy and slow, so no serious training is required, making the canoe trip enjoyable and suitable for people of average fitness too.

During the trip, experienced guides will tell you about the history, fauna, and flora of the area while you may occasionally spot rare and special bird species such as herons, harriers, and egrets.

Canoeing around Lake Kis-Balaton is an unforgettable experience for everyone – children and adults, families, or friends alike.

You need to register online in advance for the canoe trip. Depending on the weather, there are two canoe trips a day: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. You can also participate in the canoe trip as part of a larger group, such as a class trip or a company team-building event. In this case you can also request a custom offer.

The equipment for the canoe trip will be provided by the organisers, life jackets, paddles, canoes and a waterproof storage box can be provided on request.

It’s a good idea to bring a cushion for comfort and also sufficient sun protection. While bringing along some snacks and water is always handy, there is also a buffet on Kányavár Island where you can purchase refreshments.


canoe trip Lake Kisbalaton canoe trip Thermal Camping Zalakaros caravan mobile house


Exploring Tüskevár: Immersing in the World of István Fekete’s Iconic Novel

Most Hungarians fondly reminisce about István Fekete’s novel Tüskevár, a truly unforgettable part of their childhood summer reading experience. Visiting this part of Lake Kis-Balaton is like stepping into the childhood fairytale world of István Fekete’s iconic novel, as the places described in the story appear exactly the same in real life.


Nature Lovers and Marsh Dwellers: The Man Called Matula

Tüskevár is about two boys from Budapest, Tutajos and his friend Bütyök, who spend their summer holidays on the wild and scenic Lake Kis-Balaton in the company of a wise old fisherman and nature lover called Matula.

Matula embodies the wisdom of those experienced in living harmoniously with nature, serving as a teacher and mentor to both boys, imparting knowledge of nature and survival.

Lake Kis-Balaton is of unparalleled beauty, where you can visit Matula’s hut in real life, among the unique species of birds and wildlife, and the lush vegetation. Visit this special place – a true bucket list experience!

In the area, you too can become a true explorer, venturing into nature and discovering this unique landscape filled with marshes and reeds. If you come with children, you can even take on the role of Matula, teaching your own children to respect and love nature.


A Pleasant Accommodation Where Nature Lovers Can Feel At Home

At Thermal Camping Zalakaros the peaceful mornings start with a pleasant chirping of birds, so you can already start to relax while sipping your morning coffee. In the shade of the giant trees, in this beautiful green oasis, you can stay in direct contact with nature, while still enjoying the comforts of home. There are several types of accommodation to choose from, depending on the type of holiday you have in mind.


canoe trip Lake Kisbalaton canoe trip Thermal Camping Zalakaros caravan mobile house

100 square metre caravan pitches await you at Thermal Camping Zalakaros


If you are looking for a classic camping experience, the spacious 100 square metre pitches are waiting for you. Bring your own or rented caravan or tent. For those who want to maximise comfort, we recommend our fully equipped comfortable new mobile houses or new apartments.


canoe trip Lake Kisbalaton canoe trip Thermal Camping Zalakaros caravan mobile house

New mobile houses at Thermal Camping Zalakaros


There’s also a great restaurant at Thermal Camping Zalakaros where you can enjoy a delicious meal after a day full of experiences. In addition, Thermal Camping Zalakaros offers a playground, football equipment, a ping-pong table, and cosy fire pits.

In the evenings, you can light a campfire, have a barbecue, and begin long conversations under the open sky. On summer nights, don’t miss out on counting shooting stars and be sure to make a list of your secret desires, because at Thermal Camping Zalakaros they might just come true!


Book Your Accommodation Online Now: Nature Awaits!

Easily book your accommodation online and finalise your reservation by paying a deposit fee. You can pay using a credit card or a debit card. Booking a pitch is even more flexible, as you don’t even have to pay a deposit fee if you choose this type of accommodation. Summer is wonderful in Zalakaros and around Lake Kis-Balaton! That’s why pitches are in high demand, so book now to make sure you don’t miss out on this extraordinary adventure.