The Campsite in Zalakaros is being renewed

May 06, 2022

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The Campsite in Zalakaros is being renewed


The spring of 2022 is a real turning point in the history of the Campsite in Zalakaros, as a new operator took over the management of the accommodation facility. The last two years have forced everyone to give up a lot of things; the campsite used to run here was also closed for quite a while, but now, the time has come time to finally enjoy holidays free of worries.


New management in the Zalakaros campsite

As a new management, we are determined to turn this place, blessed with wonderful natural features, into a well-equipped, constantly evolving, truly friendly and hospitable holiday destination. In the past, the campsite here received a lot of criticism, but in the new era, we are working to ensure that all our guests can return home satisfied and relaxed and with a resolution to come back again next season.


Continuous developments in the Zalakaros campsite

In view of the feedback on the campsite that used to operate here, as well as our many years of experience in operating accommodation and camping facilities, we plan to provide new and ever-expanding services year after year to ensure the quality you are already accustomed to with our other two campsites. We would like Thermal Camping Zalakaros to boast guests as satisfied as the guests of Aranypart Camping and Mirabella Camping we operate, which is no less than being the best campsite on the south shore of Lake Balaton.

The green area surrounded by huge trees, the proximity of the spa in Zalakaros the sights of the area make this site an ideal location for the campsite of Zalakaros to operate here, providing an opportunity for having fun together, enjoying recreation and common adventures. That is why we decided to start operating the campsite in Zalakaros. We know we have a lot to do, but we’re determined to get the most out of this unparalleled location.

Camping is not just an experience, but a lifestyle, offering something different than a holiday at home or in a hotel setting. It can offer a real relaxation, as it allows you to find your way back to nature to some extent.

Zalakaros is a wonderful spa town boasting special values; it deserves to have a great campsite. Over the next 1-2 years, without sparing our financial resources, we are going to the best of our knowledge and with relentless enthusiasm to make Thermal Camping Zalakaros a great destination for everyone.

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