Quick and simple – The Thermal Camping booking system has been upgraded

February 05, 2024

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Quick and simple – The Thermal Camping booking system has been upgraded


Thermal Camping Zalakaros foglalás


The last couple of months have seen some exciting changes at Thermal Camping. Our range of accommodation options has been expanded with new apartments and mobile houses, and a number of other new features have also been installed at the campsite. There is a new playground for the children, we now have a table tennis table, and we have also done a great deal of redecoration. But that is far from the end of our list of new features! As of the 2024 season, planning your camping holiday has become a whole lot more convenient, thanks to our revamped online booking system.

We would love to walk you through how easy and quick it is to book a plot now, using the new system. Enjoy all the new features we have introduced this year, book your accommodation in one of the new apartments, in a mobile house, or on any of our extra-large 100-square-metre plots.


Thermal Camping Zalakaros – Simple quote and booking


Upgraded booking system for 2024 at Thermal Camping


A simpler booking process

The most important change is that the booking process has been greatly simplified. From now on, it will only take a few clicks and entering a few pieces of information to reserve your plot. The new platform is easy to navigate even if you don’t have a whole load of experience with using online booking systems.


Great prices

Camping holidays aren’t just significantly cheaper than alternative forms of accommodation, they also offer further ways to save money. This is true whether you are staying in a caravan, a mobile house or an apartment. You can relax in comfort even in the off-season. Prices are always lower in the off-season, so you can enjoy a full holiday in the same place for a lot less money, or use the savings to visit Thermal Camping more than once a year.


The booking process

Click on online booking and making an inquiry to open the new platform. First, use the calendar to select the date of your trip. You will be able to see which days we have vacancies for.

Then select your preferred plot. Don’t forget that every one of our plots is extra large, and you will have a whole 100 square metres all to yourselves.

In the last step, enter the number of guests, any additional vehicles or pets you intend to bring. Thermal Camping welcomes four-legged guests!

When finalising your booking, just enter the basic information required. You don’t even have to pay a deposit to reserve a plot.


Finalise your booking

In order to finalise booking a mobile house or apartment, you will have to pay the deposit. Once that is done, you will receive a confirmation from us, and we will reserve your selected spot for you.

You don’t have to pay a deposit when it comes to booking a plot. Your reservation can be finalised straight away, and you can pay the whole price for your accommodation after you arrive.


Quick confirmation

The new system allows for quicker confirmation of reservations. You won’t have to worry whether your information has been successfully submitted or whether your deposit has been received because the process is automated and you will get email confirmation of your booking right away. After that, there is nothing else for you to do except plan your journey. Once you’ve secured your accommodation, it’s time to start daydreaming. Choose the activities you want to fill your days with, explore the area, and discover all the treasures that Zalakaros and its surrounding area offer.


Bespoke quotes

You can also request a personalised quote before making a booking. We recommend this option for large groups. During the booking process, you will be able to track the quote, and see how much your chosen accommodation will cost for a given number of guests and for the selected dates. But if you’d like to receive a detailed quote, for example to help plan going on holiday with a large group, you can make an inquiry by clicking HERE.


Thermal Camping – Zalakaros Thermal Lake and Eco-Shore


Leisure activities and relaxation nearby

If you are considering spending your holiday at Thermal Camping, you are on the right track. Thanks to its excellent location, our campsite allows you to reach local attractions and leisure activities easily. Zalakaros is a real treasure trove for tourists thanks to its medicinal spa, fun activities, fantastic hiking spots and a plethora of natural treasures to be found nearby.

  • The spa is situated right next to the campsite, and offers a wide range of medicinal, wellness and beauty services. You are guaranteed to find the relaxation option that suits you best.
  • In addition, there are many hiking and cycle routes around Zalakaros, but you can even enjoy a quick trip by car if you wish.


It’s worth booking early


Whether you decide to stay in your own tent, caravan or choose one of our indoor accommodation options, we will do our very best to make sure you are completely satisfied with your stay at Thermal Camping, from the booking process all the way to the time you check out.

Our 100-square-metre plots are ideal for a carefree camping experience because they offer comfort and space in a beautiful green environment so that the whole family or group of friends can enjoy having nature on their doorstep together.

It is well worth booking your accommodation early, though, to avoid disappointment and missing out on your preferred spots.