Zalakaros Spa, the History and Secrets of Zalakaros

The water that made a village in Zala county into a city

May 21, 2024

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Zalakaros Spa, the History and Secrets of Zalakaros

The water that made a village in Zala county into a city


Zalakaros fürdő Thermal Camping mobilház apartman lakókocsi parcella

Natural treasures, history and spa culture in one place

Zalakaros, one of the most popular spa resorts in Hungary, is famous for its special composition of thermal waters and the unique natural treasures of the area. The Zalakaros Spa attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, who can enjoy the pleasant thermal waters and a wide range of wellness, beauty and therapy services.

The city offers a wide range of cultural and leisure activities, including traditional and musical events. Besides the Zalakaros Spa and natural treasures of Zalakaros, many other attractions await you in this area.

The closeness of Lake Kis-Balaton as well as the local wineries and gastronomic experiences, also contribute to the tourist attractiveness of the holiday resort. And the area’s history is rich with intriguing facts, offering visitors the chance to discover remnants of the past.


Interesting facts from the history of Zalakaros

The history of Zalakaros is believed to date back to 1254, when the village was first mentioned in written records as Karos. The former village was founded during the reign of King Béla IV after the First Mongol invasion of Hungary, who planted the area with hospices.

Over the centuries, Karos has been mentioned in sources as both a royal and ecclesiastical property. With the Turkish conquest the village was depopulated, but it did not sink into oblivion. In addition to the wars, the history of the village also includes other hardships. The village suffered a major fire in 1794, but managed to recover afterwards.

For some reason, people have always come back here, perhaps sensing the call of the treasures underground.

In the late 1600s and early 1700s, the village was rebuilt and began to grow significantly, becoming the centre of economic life in the area. This remained the case until the mid-20th century. At that time Zalakaros was a quiet agricultural settlement.


The Building of the Zalakaros Spa

The breakthrough in the life of the village came in 1962, when thermal water was discovered. Then, while searching for oil at a depth of 2307 metres 96-degree thermal water was found. Before then, no one had any idea that a medicinal water with a unique composition in Europe was lurking deep underground.

The discovery brought radical change to the life of the tiny village in Zala county. Construction of the spa began in 1964 and the following year it opened its doors to visitors.

Both the Zalakaros Spa and Zalakaros have undergone a significant boom. Following the success of the first period, the spa has been expanded and developed year after year. One of the most significant investments was the opening of the adventure spa in 1998, which were further improved in 2002 and 2005.

Thanks to its spa, Zalakaros has developed rapidly and in 1997 it was granted the status of a city, which further increased its importance for tourism. Zalakaros has developed into a modern European-standard holiday resort where guests can enjoy relaxation.

The thermal waters made Zalakaros into a city, which has now become one of the most important spa resorts in Hungary.


Zalakaros Spa Thermal Camping


The power of healing waters

The unique composition of the thermal water, which has made the once tiny village in Zala county into a pleasant holiday resort, has a special effect on physical and mental health. Zalakaros Spa offers its guests a wide range of therapy treatments, wellness experiences and beauty services. The high quality sauna world, numerous pools and water attractions are guaranteed to provide an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Zalakaros Spa is one of the largest spas in Hungary today, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year and has welcomed more than 23 million guests since its foundation.

Despite the great interest, Zalakaros has not lost its connection with nature, and remains a charming holiday resort where you can relax and rejuvenate.


A campsite in the heart of the city – Thermal Camping Zalakaros

The European-standard spa is clearly the centre of Zalakaros, as well as the pleasantly atmospheric pedestrian street and event space of the resort, Karos Korzó.

It is rare to find a quiet green area surrounded by trees in the city centre, but Zalakaros is unique in this respect. This green island is Thermal Camping Zalakaros, with its large area with woods, groves and lush surroundings, just a few steps away from the Zalakaros Spa and Karos Korzó.


Thermal Camping Zalakaros

Mobile houses at Thermal Camping Zalakaros


And the Thermal Lake and Ecoside, next to the campsite, is an emblematic place for the harmonisation of the values of nature and the urban environment. Water is also of great importance in this beautifully designed leisure space.

With a man-made lake, playground, and a real adventure centre, there’s something for everyone — from those seeking quiet relaxation to adrenaline-hungry guests.


A Trip to Zalakaros

This adventure-filled holiday resort and exploration of the surrounding area should be on your bucket list. You can easily book your accommodation at Thermal Camping Zalakaros online in just a few clicks. Located in the heart of the holiday resort, this beautiful green oasis offers not only close-to-nature experiences, but also real comfort for guests who prefer convenience.

The campsite has accommodation to suit everyone’s needs, whether it’s a caravan pitch, a tent pitch, or one of the brand new apartments and mobile houses. You can pay for your accommodation using a debit card or credit card, and you can secure it by paying the deposit fee. The process of booking a pitch is even easier, as no deposit is required.

We look forward to seeing you at Thermal Camping Zalakaros in this special holiday resort. At the campsite, you can relax in comfort and not have to worry about a thing. The Zalakaros Spa is just a few minutes away and you can even buy a ticket for the spa at the reception of the campsite, so you can even enter the spa without queuing. Right inside your accommodation, you’ll also find a fantastic family-friendly restaurant serving delicious meals with generous portions.

Discover Zalakaros Spa, the natural treasures of the area, the rich history and relax in this unique place!