Special experiences and hiking spots around Little Balaton

November 21, 2023

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Special experiences and hiking spots around Little Balaton


kirándulóhelyek Zalakaros Thermal Camping

Camping and hiking: The perfect combination of experiences in the heart of nature

Travel and exploring nature are excellent ways to relax and gain wonderful new experiences. Imagine one-of-a-kind hiking spots where quiet and tranquillity mesh with genuine adventures right in the heart of untouched nature. If such a trip sounds like a dream come true, then Thermal Camping Zalakaros will be the perfect destination for you. Both the campsite and the surrounding area offer a host of opportunities for varied relaxation. The most precious treasures of nature, such as beautiful greenery, life-giving water and picturesque forest trails are all within arm’s reach of this friendly and welcoming campsite.

Most holiday-makers who visit Zalakaros are attracted by Zalakaros Spa and the special medicinal water it offers. But there are plenty more treasures nearby that are well worth exploring. In this article, we would like to draw your attention to the exceptional hiking spots and the mysterious world of Little Balaton. This undisturbed preservation area is only 15 km away from Thermal Camping Zalakaros, making it an ideal destination for a day trip.


Little Balaton in the past and today

Little Balaton lies close to the south-westernmost corner of Keszthely Bay. It is a nature preserve with a unique history and ecosystem. Once, this area had been a bay of Lake Balaton, and even a couple hundred years ago it was covered in marshland and swamps. As a result of human activities, however, it has gradually lost its original looks and function, which threatened a serious ecological disaster. To contain this risk, hydrology experts developed a plan that formed the basis of the ‘Little Balaton Water Protection System’.

The area was flooded, successfully restoring the marshland and reeds that used to exist here nearly two hundred years ago, and which can filter and process the silt and various nutrients carried by the Zala River. The special habitats and unique hiking spots that we know and love today are due to these efforts.


Hiking spots around Little Balaton

First stop: Little Balaton House

Visit Little Balaton House to learn more about the natural treasures that were saved by the Little Balaton Water Protection System, and to see historical and ethnographic artefacts from the surrounding area. Some parts of this unique preserve are closed to visitors so as not to disturb the local ecosystem. You can still steal a peek behind the scenes of nature thanks to three webcams located in the parts of Little Balaton that visitors cannot see with their own eyes. You can switch between the cameras’ views while sitting in an old boat inside an exhibition hall, and you can even turn them or zoom in on anything that piques your interest.


Waterborne experiences in Little Balaton

There are many unique hiking spots in this area, including the István Fekete Memorial House, Matula’s Hut from the iconic novel we all loved in our childhoods, and Diás Island. You can cover the first leg of the trip in an electric golf cart if you wish, but the most exciting option is definitely to approach this secret nook aboard a canoe. Little Balaton offers breath-taking views not just on land but also on the water. Paddling in a canoe, you can get closer to the water birds and other treasures of nature. Gently swaying on the tranquil surface of the water offers a completely different perspective, and an opportunity to truly experience your living environment.


hiking spots Zalakaros Thermal Camping


Little Balaton Ecotourism Centre

Little Balaton Ecotourism Centre allows nature-lovers to learn even more about the ecosystem and ecological significance of the area. The state-of-the-art, interactive exhibitions, study trails and expert guided tours offer visitors an opportunity to dive even deeper into this unusual hiking spot. The visitor centre has everything you could possibly need for a fulfilling and relaxing day-long visit. Afterwards, why not visit the gift shop and pick up a souvenir, or enjoy a meal at the restaurant that can seat up to a hundred people.


Immortalise your memories that will last a lifetime

The picturesque locales, rich ecosystem and unique hiking spots you will find in Little Balaton offer both amateur and professional photographers an exceptional opportunity to take wildlife pictures. The area is only a short drive from Thermal Camping Zalakaros, and its varied colours and exceptional characteristics promise true inspiration to every visitor. You can return from your holiday with some otherworldly photos, which will help you relive the peaceful and special moments you spent in Little Balaton, for many years to come.

If you are a nature lover or even if you simply want to spend some time in a hiking spot with an ecosystem you will not see anywhere else, make sure not to miss Little Balaton. While staying at Thermal Camping Zalakaros, nothing could be simpler than enjoying a relaxed day trip to explore the neighbouring area. If you are up for this adventure, all you have to do is book your accommodation at the campsite. You can do so simply online by clicking HERE. Come and enjoy these beautiful hiking spots and the exceptional gifts of nature!